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WolfCop is a Canadian horror comedy film from writer/director Lowell Dean. The film was released to Cineplex theatres nation wide on June 6, 2014. It is the first film chosen for production from the CineCoup Film Accelerator. The plot revolves around an alcoholic small town cop who transforms into a werewolf after being cursed. Filming began in October 2013 in Regina, Saskatchewan and surrounding area. It is Dean's second feature having previously shot 13 Eerie in the same location. The film is set to rely on "retro-style" practical effects instead of computer-generated imagery. On review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes the movie currently has a 71% approval rating. Bloody Disgusting gave WolfCop a positive review and stated "A perfect storm of creature action, the occult, gore, intrigue, humor, and lycanthropic puns, WolfCop is destined for cult glory."

Lowell Dean

Writer/ Director

Lowell Dean is a young Canadian filmmaker with a talent for the twisted. Since receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies, he has made a career for himself as a writer and director. His projects have been screened and recognized internationally. Lowell's brainchild WolfCop was the first project to successfully navigate the CineCoup Film Accelerator and has already found cult status less than a year after it's theatrical release.

WolfCop is not Lowell's directorial debut however; his first feature 13 Eerie, starred Katherine Isabelle (Don Carmody Productions), and his recent television projects include the reality series Dust Up (Paperny Entertainment) and the children's series Hi Opie! (Marble Media, The Jim Henson Company).

Emersen Ziffle

Special Effects Makeup Artist

Emersen is a well-established creative source for a diverse variety of art and make-up FX mediums. With his eye for the spectacular and his steady brilliant hands, Emersen is a self-taught wizard of FX and accredited monster maker who transforms imagination into reality. He has worked his magic in such pictures as the zombie send up 13 Eerie, the sci fi thriller Stranded, and Curse of Chucky from the well known horror franchise.

Most recently, Emersen's masterwork can be seen in the creation of CineCoup's WolfCop. His FX work has been highly lauded in both fan and film review circles as he updates 80s practical effects to reflect his own original creative sensibilities.

Emersen is an indispensable part of the WolfCop team who continues to push boundaries going into his future endeavors.


It's not unusual for alcoholic cop Lou Garou to black out and wake up in unfamiliar surroundings, but lately things have taken a strange turn.

Crime scenes seem oddly familiar. Lou's senses are heightened, and when the full moon is out, he's a rage-fueled werewolf. WOLFCOP is one cop's quest to become a better man...

One transformation at a time.

Director, Writer
Lowell Dean
Emersen Ziffle
Leo FafardWolfcop
Amy MatysioTina
Jonathan CherryWillie
Sarah LindJessica
Aidan DevineChief
Jesse MossGang Leader
Corinne ConleyMayor Bradley
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