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WolfCop Theatrical Trailer

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The Best
Canadian Movie
of 2014

National Post

Your eyeballs will never forgive you

if you miss this one.

Bloody Disgusting

the Citizen Kane of

werewolf-cop movies.

USA Today Life

WolfCop is destined to become a

Cult Phenomenon.

Dread Central

Go see WolfCock!

The Trailer Park Boys

A fantastic party
movie all around.


The best Canadian export
since Pamela Anderson

Dread Central

The CineCoup Film Accelerator is a disruptive platform for indie filmmakers -- and their fans -- to develop, market and finance feature films. In its 2013 pilot cycle, CineCoup optioned 10 projects for development and provided WOLFCOP guaranteed production financing and Canadian theatrical. CineCoup is set to launch the second cycle of the Canadian Film Accelerator in June 2014, and is currently in discussion with global partners to expand its studio model to additional markets and verticals. BE BRAVE!